Chartering a Plane for Your Business Trip

Chartering a Plane


Have you considered chartering a plane for your company business? Private air travel can have many advantages for your organization -- and it can be surprisingly cost-effective! There are numerous reasons why travelling by air charter can be good for business. Not the least of these reasons is turning wasted time into productive work time.


Travelling by airline can eat up working hours. Many times, no direct flight to your destination is available, and you or your team members are stuck in airports waiting for connecting flights. You may require an overnight stay due to lengthy layovers or a scarcity of flights.  Commercial planes land only at larger airports, but sometimes there’s a smaller airport that’s closer to your ultimate destination; a private plane can land at that airport, saving ground travel time.


Hiring a private plane can turn this wasted time into highly productive company time. Employees can arrive at the airport minutes before the flight takes off. The comfort and privacy of a private jet allows your team to use your time in the air to work. Strategize, brainstorm, design, negotiate or evaluate: a private jet gives you the space and time to get almost anything accomplished.


The Ultimate in Convenience


Sometimes a meeting runs late, or plans change. With a commercial airline, you have little flexibility. A chartered plane, however, will wait for you whenever necessary, or even change flight plans in mid-air.


And a private jet offers you much greater comfort and atmosphere. The space is yours to use as you please. You will be afforded a great deal of legroom and headroom, with luxury reclining seating and roomy washroom facilities. You can customize the food and drink menus ahead of time to ensure everything is just right. Work tables, Wi-Fi, telephones/SATCOM, power outlets, and other amenities are designed to make your airborne office as efficient as possible. In fact, in a 2009 US study, respondents reported that they worked 20% more efficiently when flying on a private jet than they did when in the office!


Unlike commercial airlines, there are no line-ups for security. Forget about restrictions on liquids in the cabin, on sporting gear, or on pets. You won’t have to worry about lost luggage, congested boarding lineups, crowded luggage compartments, crying babies, coughing seatmates, or other annoyances common to commercial flights.


Company Image


The tangible benefits of private jet travel will help to ensure that team members will arrive refreshed and ready to do their best work. Effective employees enhance your company’s image. Your company image is also enriched by your association with private jet travel. Even though chartering a plane can actually be less expensive than paying for several business class airline tickets, the prestige of arriving by private jet is undeniable.


The executive who arrives by private jet shows industry leaders that his or her time is valuable; that the company is to be taken seriously. A chartered jet can also become a flying conference room – ideal for deals or negotiations with other companies that require privacy.


Maximize productivity, minimize stress, and enhance your company image by chartering a plane!